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Take time out for style. Patek Philippe's Ladies Twenty~4® watch and the one-of-a kind Zambian Emerald ring by Bayco. At Leeds & Son Fine Jewelers.
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Terry Weiner on Global Treasure Hunting

You're a family business that has served generations of families?

That's right. In our 70-year history, there has always been a family member in the store. My sister, Riki Stein, and I joined our parents in the business in the late 1970s followed by my nephew, Brett. Many of our team members and customers have been with us through our generations, and that makes them a part of our family, too. We've shared countless birthdays, anniversaries, and professional milestones with them. Each generation is different in their taste, but they're all looking for quality and a store they can trust. As part of that, I am continuing the legacy my parents started.

Who is Leeds?

When my parents first started in the jewelry business, they had a store on the Colorado River near what is now Laughlin. My dad worked on the dam and my mother sold jewelry to the construction workers. They used their first names (Edward and Eleanore) in an anagram, ED and EL, to create Leeds. When I purchased the company, I added the "and Son."

Why is sourcing the globe for timepieces and jewelry such a big part of your life?

I love to travel and find the rare and unusual. I travel over 200 days a year to source the finest pieces straight from the places where they are designed and manufactured.

What keeps you interested?

I love art. Jewelry and timepieces are one of the highest form of art. True fine jewelry incorporates the arts of design, goldsmithing, diamond setting, gem sourcing, enameling, polishing, and more. All of these by themselves are art forms.

How should jewelry be worn: simply or not necessarily?

Today, women should mix and match their jewelry. Rose gold with yellow gold, white metals with enamels. There is no single way to enjoy your jewelry. Bracelets and rings are made to be stacked and reflect the wearer's own individuality.

New lines for this season?

We are very excited to launch Vhernier, a respected Milan jewelry designer, with an almost cult international following. Also, we have a much-expanded offering from Messika from Paris, fresh off a very successful Paris Fashion Week.