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Comfort = Confidence

BG's El Paseo

BG's El Paseo

Satya wears a one-shoulder tunic, Candice Held; pencil skirt, Saks Fifth Avenue; handbag and high heels, Trina Turk; belt, Banana Republic; earrings, Leeds & Son Fine Jewelers. Natalie wears a sleeveless blouse and red trousers, Saks Fifth Avenue; statement necklace, RIGA Designs; metallic clutch, Cactus Flower Shoe Salon; strappy high heels, Trina Turk. Photographed at il Corso.
Photograph by Lance Gerber: Styling by Salvador Camarena; Hair by Jessica Gonzalez and Makup by Taylor Doane, both of Chelsea Nicole Makeup and Hair.

Elyssa Goldberg on Longevity

You've felt big love on El Paseo for 28 years. What's your secret?

The relationship I have with my customers and their loyalty. My theme is comfort — beyond that, there is no rule. Everyone has to look within themselves at their own individuality. I think that's why people keep coming back. That's exactly what we focus on.

Your strength?

Making a trend relatable not only to the desert but to my customers. Some of the crazy looks in the magazines don't work in real life. It's not conforming to the trend, but taking bits and pieces and applying it to your own lifestyle and personality. I love a woman who is comfortable in defining her own style and going forward with it.

What's hot right now?

Color and bold prints. People tell me, "This is such a happy, bright, colorful store." They come in with an open mind knowing I like to put colors and prints together. It's edgy, but not too crazy.

Signature piece:

I am known as the "pant lady." I have a pant line I've developed over the years with a small manufacturer exclusive locally to my store. I've become their biggest account and they work with me on special orders. The line is a pull-on, full-rise, elastic-waist pant in a comfortable stretch fabric. The pants have novelty treatments, like buttons and studs, come in different lengths, and fit into the desert lifestyle.

Style challenge you solve:

There's no reason to be uncomfortable in clothes these days. Anybody who is walking around in something too restrictive isn't going to feel loose and fun and participatory; they're going to feel bound. Freedom is part of my goal. It makes a difference if you can walk into a room and have the freedom to enjoy and feel confident. Almost everything in my store has stretch. I don't even have zippers. Everything is pull-on and go. You can actually do that and still be sexy. I can put somebody in something I know will fit their body. It doesn't matter what everyone else is wearing. This is you. Different shapes dress differently. We relate to everyone.

You call yourself "a lifestyle store."

Much of my clientele are around my age — I'm turning 57. They want to feel comfortable for every occasion: from sportswear to luncheons, dinner, and special events. It's all-inclusive in my store. I've had some fabulous 90-yearolds come in lately who want to look stylish and fashionable. They don't want to look too young or too old. They want to express themselves without being uncomfortable. It makes me feel good when a customer puts on something new and walks out happy, excited, and confident.